Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Post!

Finally got this thing up and running!

The wedding planning is finally coming together. My dress came in today (though it's in Southern California), the date and reservation for the bridal shower has been set, currently talking to an officiant, bridesmaid dresses have been chosen and ordered (for the most part), and 99.9% of the invitations for the big day have been set. Now all I have left to do is sign a contract with a baker (cupcakes! woot woot!), get my dress fitted, buy fabric and sew my table runners, get in touch with my wedding coordinator to do some taste testing and to set up a rehearsal time, rent chairs for the ceremony... oh boy, so much left to do. Don't even get me started about the flowers and candy buffet.

Anyway, this blog is pretty useless as of right now. Just getting it all set up for when Ryan and I get married and (cross your fingers) get stationed somewhere, and (more finger crossing!) have a baby, I'd like to keep our families, that we may not live near anymore, informed as to how our lives are unfolding together. Can't wait to start it!

Not that there's going to be too much exciting stuff going on here right now, but stay tuned in! Hopefully I'll find the charger for my camera and get some yummy food posts up on here. See ya soon!

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