Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 days!

So, I am terrible about updating this blog. Wedding things have been pretty crazy for the past week. It's amazing how money seems to just continuously slip away while planning a wedding. Anyway, we are 5 days from the wedding. I can't believe the day is literally right around the corner, if felt like yesterday that I was looking at the wedding countdown on the Knot and it read "145 days to go." Now instead of counting months or even weeks, were are just DAYS away.

Things left to do: get the marriage license (check!), buy Ryan's ring (check!) as well as stockings for me for the wedding, get my first brazilian wax (I am TERRIFIED), meet with the officiant, attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, get my nails done and then relax at the family BBQ the evening before the big day. Very exciting stuff.

The girl's night sleep over was super fun. Played a game called "Dirty Minds" which was endless amounts of fun. We had cotton candy martinis and peaches and cream jello shots. Played about 5 rounds of Liar's Dice (which is an awesome game, by the way). We finally stopped after Lea had won her fifth consecutive game. We watched the Sex and the City movie while playing Truth or Dare. It was an awesome night filled with sugar and estrogen.

I didn't take a fun pictures of the sleep over, but I DID snap a few of the girls playing at the dog park that morning. So here are some pictures of my furry babies at the park for your viewing pleasure!

Have a great week everyone. I'll try to do another post between now and wedding day!

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